ONE t WAY Tree & Land Services, Inc.
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We believe that every project is advertising for our next one.  Our saying is "when we are done, with your property, you are going to talk about us.....We just want you saying nice things".  That is why we believe that there is only ONE WAY to treat customers....and that is the RIGHT WAY! 

Watch this VIDEO to see what we can do.

Our Services Include:

Free Estimates
No two projects are the same. We don't believe in one price fits all, because we won't skimp on your service. We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates.

Tree & Brush Mowing & Mulching
We mow down & mulch everything from tall weeds to brush to 10" diameter trees. 

Lake Dams
The back of lake and pond dams can quickly become overgrown with woody plants.  This steep terrain is no problem for our track machine.

Brush Piles
Many customers accumulate years of limbs and branches and burning that large brush pile is not a desired option.  We can mulch it all in no time.

Nature Trails
This is our specialty.  In a few hours we can turn your overgrown property into a highly useful area with a variety of hiking or ATV trails.

The "PARK" Makers
We do wonders with overgrown wooded areas by turning them into beautiful park-like settings.  The high value desirable trees are left while poor quality or unhealthy trees are eliminated.

Residential, Commercial or Government Projects
We have completed projects for all of the above entities.  We have a very long list of extremely satisfied customers as well as numerous repeat customers.

The mulched materials are spread throughout to rapidly decay and return valuable nutrients to the soil.

 Property Boundries & Fence Rows
Access to all of your property by maintaining clear property lines and boundries is important.  Fence Rows and field edges can be tamed quickly and easily.

We can work with local, state or federal agencies to maintain public lands for safety, function and overall appearance.

Pasture Management--THORNS be GONE!!
Thorn trees and bushes are a cattlemans worst nightmare.  Our rubber track machine has no problems mowing down honey locust trees, multi flora rose bushes and more.

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